102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Sergeant Joseph Marsh

Flight Engineer - Crew Piloted by Edward Wright Saywell

Saywell - Marsh - Moore - Whittaker - Wisson - Hughes - Ward - 102 Squadron
Joseph Marsh - Flight Engineer - KIA 14/07/1943 (35 Sqd) - Aged 23 - 102 Squadron Mar-Jun 43

Joseph Marsh was the great uncle of the webmaster Chris Harper.
Until January of 2011 the family had no details of what happened to Joe and the crew he flew with.

Following a post to a web site WW2talk the flood gates opened and we gained access to the most important information - how Joe died..

I now have a web site all about the Aachen raid and those that died on it, although at the time my Great Uncle was no longer flying with 102 Squadron, he had transfered with his pilot, Edward Wright Saywell to 35 Squadron at Graveley.

On the 13/14 July 1943 three hundred and seventy four aircraft took off from airfields all over the UK on a mission to bomb the city of Aachen in Germany, and Sergeant Joseph Marsh, 1080667 was aboard one of those planes.

The night of the 13 July 1943 is remembered by many of the 102 veterans still alive for one reason, it is the night that Wing Commander Henry Coventry was shot down and killed along with all of his crew.

For many missions with 102 squadron Joe was with the following people:

The Crew of 35 Squadron - HR819:

F/S Edward Wright Saywell - RNZAF - Pilot - KIA - Aged 25 - (CWGC Page)
Sgt Joseph Marsh - Flight Engineer KIA - Aged 23 - (CWGC Page)
Sgt Ernie Raymond Moore Navigator - KIA - Aged - 30 - (CWGC Page)
Sgt Frank William Whittaker Bomber Aimer KIA - Aged 20 - (CWGC Page)
Sgt Ronald W. Wisson Wirewless Operator - PoW
Sgt Stuart Fred (Ginger) Hughes Mid Gunner - KIA - (CWGC Page)
Sgt Frank Frederick Ward Tail Gunner - KIA - Aged 21 - (CWGC Page)



Saywell - Marsh - Moore - Whittaker - Wisson - Hughes - Ward - 102 Squadron
Ward - Hughes - Marsh - Whittaker - Saywell - Moore - Wisson



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