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There are thousands of web sites out there that have some interest in the 102 Sqn, some of them are listed here, but be warned, ten minutes can turn into an hour, which can turn.... you get the picture.

wolds Gliding club

Pocklington Airfield:

Is now run and kep by the Wolds Gliding club. The people who run the club have been very welcoming and generous over the years when it comes to the 102 Squadron and Association.

Please do check out their web site, and if you are planning a visit to the memorial, do give them a phone first just to let them know you are coming.
They also have a bunch of stuff on their walls concerning the Squadron, but again PLEASE ask before just walking into the club house to view.

Click the the image on the right to go to the web site, and thanks.

Credits and Disclaimer

Below are a list of sources we have used throught our research into making this web site.

In a lot of instances we have crossed checked things in different books and on different sites to make sure what we were writing was as correct as possible.

The list below is in no particular order, just how they came to the webmaster whilst he was making up the list.
There are many people who will be credited on individual pages for photo and stories they have sent us, the list is simply too long to add all the names here. To all those people, a huge thank you.


  • 'It's Suicide but it fun' - The story of 102 (Ceylon) Squadron 1917 - 1956 by Chris Goss
  • War Diary of RAF Pocklington - Mike Usherwood
  • Some Anxious Moments in WWII by Wally Lashbrook
  • Numerous ORB's (Operation record Book) sent in by various people

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