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Crew List Page

There are hundreds of crews that flew during WWII that we have little information on.
We are going to list some of them on this page here.

Hopefully this might help someone track down a loved one.

This section is now THE largest part of this web site.

There are still so many stories that have never been told, or at least not put into print, and we hope this will become a place for anyone to add their story.

With so many of the original members of 102 Sqn no longer with us, it will come down to relatives telling these stories, but we welcome such tales. There is a place on the forum for people to tell us about their loved ones role in the squadron, but we hope to transfer as many of those threads to here when possible. Or, you could just email it to us?

Each airman's name will lead you to a page about them. When ever possible we have given details of the crew(s) they were a part of during their time with the squadron.

Not Forgotten


Within each of the News Letters produced by Tom Wingham for the 102 Squadron Association there was a part entitled 'Not Forgotten'.

It was in essence an obituary collumn, and we intend to reproduce those obits here.

If there is no link yet, it is because we are awaiting the information about that person from a loved one, or some one doing research about that person. Please be patient with us as we build each of these pages, there are dozens of them to do already and we expect more to come as people come across the web site.

Newly Added - July 2012 - (many pages under construction)

I'm going to make a small list here of people whose pages I have edited within the last 4 weeks or so, that way you wont need to go searching through all the pages to see additions. Just to add - I have a list of THIRTY new pages to add, some of which are below. Some of them are taking me 48 hours to make, there are that many photo's etc to add (see John Hodgson for an example). Please can you be patient with me as I work on them, thanks.

W/C Sydney Bintley DSO and F/S Arthur Graham. I have been wanting to do this page for over a year after having seen both these mens graves in Barmby Moor Churchyard. This was a terrible accident with no one to blame, just wrotten bad luck.

Conrad Thomas Frederick Baldwin - I've made a start on this page, but again we have more to add, including some ORB's from 1941.

Basil Spiller - I have finally got around to making up Basil page after being sent just a portion of Basil's war time recollections by Greg Brown. It should only take you about an hour or so to read all this :) Great stuff!!

Dennis George Brailsford Smith - Thanks to Dennis's family we have the beginnings of a page for him, more to come very soon.

Tom Wingham - UPDATE of Tom's page with some great photo's.

Len Starbuck - Thanks go to Alan Measures for all his hard work.

Joe Muldoon - John Kelly has sent me a great photo, BUT - I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE.

Graham Anderson - Lots to come soon.. promise

Vincent Barr - Still with us, ton of information on its way... some amazing photo's to come.

Harry Brabin - new - Harry has sent us his full memoirs, all 109 pages of it!!!

William Bryan - Bill sent me his photo months ago, just got around to adding it to his page, sorry Bill.

Arthur Garlick - new - Arthur's son Mike has provided us with some wonderful information.

Joseph Stanley Higgin - Thanks to Betty for getting us started on this page, more to come we hope.

John Hodgson - new STUNNING page, so many photo's, newspaper clippings... Some photo's we have never seen before!!!

Edgar Holyhead - new - Edgar's grandson Jonathan has sent us some stunning photo's that we need your help with.

Owen Horrigan - K.I.A. 26/04/1940. Vincent Barr was the only survivor of this crew. A relative of Owen's has spent years researching the crash and soon we will have a lot of what he has found.

Dougls Gordon Jack - new - Douglas Yoole, a grandson of this brave flyer lost in 1941

Cyril Saddington Jones - Sole survivor of a Halifax lost in March 1943

Bernard Lea - new - Sadly passed away March 2012. 39 Missions with 102 Sqn, stunning crew photo's.. thank you Mary for sharing his story with us all.

Thomas Leithead - new - Dave Leithead (no relation that we know) has done some wonderful research on this crew, thanks Dave.

John Everard Hadfield Marshall - Sqn Ldr who flew many missions, more info to come soon from his son Paul.

Thomas McCallum - new - Air Gunner aboard Harry Morrisey's crew who were shot down on the 02/12/1942. Thomas's son David is helping us with this page and we are hoping to be able to show you a full crew photo.

Edwin (Ted) Mooring - Pages and pages of info to come, along with some wonderful photo's.

Willie Morse - new - Flt Engineer aboard BB249, DY-Z, K.I.A.. 9/10 July 1943

Ronald Parsons - new - Still with us, a member of Ted Moorings crew, can not wait to meet this man and his son Glynn.

Bill Peterson - new - Bill is still with us, and his son Mark is filling us in with details of his time with 102.

Dei Pugh - Alun Pugh has contacted us and will be helping us make up a very special page for his dad.

James Colin Smith - new - We have been contacted by James's Nephew Alan, much more to come soon.

Basil Spiller - This page will link to six others eventually - Basil was Bill Rabbit's navigator, and I have a ton of stuff coming from different people about this brave crew.

Derrick Sykes - Flight Engineer with S/L Treasure's crew who all lost their lives in 1944, thanks to Mel Herman for this STUNNING info! new

Ronald Cecil Walker - new - His son Steven is helping us put together a page on Ronald who we are trying to trace. He served with a man named George Snow, if you know this crew please do email the webmaster, thanks.

William (Bill) Wigham - new - Bill was tail gunner for F/O W.H.A. Dick's crew, who refused to fly unless Bill was with them after a stand in AG, Sgt K.J. Peterson was killed during a misson on the 26/11/43 - the day Bill's son Howard was born...

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Air War Over Germany - A page with embedded video's featuring our very own Harlod Batchelder, speaking about his good friend Douglas Jack


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