102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Sergeant Stanley G. Adams

Shot down on the 21/22nd Jan 1944

The Crew of HX150 - DY-M

F/S Harold T.Ellis - Pilot - KIA - Aged 27 - (C.W.G.C. Page)
Sgt Reginald Symcox - Flight Eng - KIA - Aged 20 - (C.W.G.C. Page)
F/O F. Joseph Payne - Nav - PoW
F/S William Millar - B/A - PoW
Sgt Stanley G. Adams - WOp - PoW
Sgt James Sydney Fraser - Mid Upper Gunner - KIA - Aged 19 - (C.W.G.C. Page)
Sgt Leonard J. Wilson - Rear Gunner - KIA - (C.W.G.C. Page)

HX150 took off at around fifteen minutes past eight at night, from Pocklington.

Outbound at 18,000 feet, intercepted and shot down by a night-fighter 40 miles SE of Flensburg, exploding on the ground with great force.

The Halifax fell near Becklingen (Bergen), 14 km SSE of Soltau, where Sgt Leonard Wilson is buried in Becklingen War cemetery.

The others killed have no known graves.

Sgt Stan Adams was interned in Camps L4/L3/L6, PoW no.1018.
F/S William Millar in Camp 4B, PoW No.270066.


Harold T.Ellis Reginald Symcox F. Joseph Payne William Millar Stanley G. Adams James Sydney Fraser Leonard J. Wilson




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