102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Flight Sergeant Ronald Parsons

Major News.... Ron Parsons was the Air Gunner with Edwin (Ted) Mooring!!
And as of April 2012 is still very much alive and with us... YAY....

The reason this is amazin news is that we have family members of Ted in our phone book and we have a bunch of stuff all about Ted Mooring.. which in turn gives us photo's or Ron.

Flight Sergeant Ronald Parsons

Ron is second in from the right on the back row.

The Full crew are as follows:

F/T Edwin (Ted) Mooring - Pilot
P/O Dunnill - Nav - DFC
F/S Davey - WOp
F/O Hickson - F/E - DFC
F/S Anderson - R/G - DFM - Believe this could be A.F. Anderson, Gaz 21st May 1945 (Chris Goss book pg 210)
P/O Dunsford - A/B - DFC - Believe this could be P.R. Dunsford, Gaz 13th Feb 1945 (Chris Goss book pg 209)
P/O Lynwood - A/B - DFC - Believe this could be C. J. Lynwood, Gaz 19th Jan 1945 (Chris Goss book pg 209)
F/S Parsons - MU/G
Sgt Johnson - M/under G. (a mid under gunner was very rare, only a hand full of Halifax's were fitted with them).

A forum thread has started about this crew and you can view it here.

Ted Mooring things are being scanned right now and we hope to add to this page soon.




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