102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Kenneth Kiddell

Fitt IIE Ground Crew 102 Squadron

Kenneth Kiddell - 102 Ceylon Squadron

Kenneth (Ken) Kiddell was part of the ground crew at RAF Pocklington during the war attached to 102 Squaadron..

Sadly Ken passed away some years ago, but his wife Joyce lives on and we have been in contact with her.

Words can not express how wonderful this lady is, and how trusting she has been of those of us working on this web site.

Joyce has sent us a number of photographs of Ken and the other ground crew that he worked with.

Along with these photo there are we believe photo's of the crew of MZ-289 which was sadly lost on the 17th September 1944 over Ottersum in Holland.

We don't know for certain that the men in the photo, are the ones that went down with the plane, but we have added those photos here and will continue to explore who these men are.

In the coming weeks we hope to speak more to Joyce, to get more of a picture of what this amazing man was like.

For now please enjoy the photo's, and if you can put names to faces then please, please do let us know.

You will notice credits to Joyce and Ken all over the site by the time we have finished, especially our page on Gus Walker... we have received several great items that we will be adding to his page.

Ken Kiddell - 102 Ceylon Squadron

Above: Ken nearest to the camera, we know that the happy chap behind him is called Tommy, but Tommy who??



A) All of the photo's below can be seen FULL size by clicking on each one of them in turn. A gallery of them all will happen at some time, please be patient with us as we make this up.

B) When Jocye sent us these photo's we had NO IDEA at all who they were off apart from Ken. Thanks to the laterst 102 Squadron Ass newsletter we now know who three of them are and we think we know who the rest are, please see Pilot Officer Cooper's page.


MZ 289 pic one - 102 Ceylon Squadron

This is ground crew and three members of MZ289. Ken Kiddell is second from the right, next left to him is the pilot P/O D. Cooper. Next but one is the navigator, 'Tommy' Twinn next to him is F/O W.F. Lloyd,


MZ 289 - 102 Ceylon Squadron

Ken is far right. Again ground crew and three of MZ289's crew.

MZ 289 - 102 Ceylon Squadron

Ken is second from the right

The following photo is of the same crew, we think we have all seven names.

MZ 289 - 102 Ceylon Squadron


P/O W.F Lloyd the WOp is second left, third left is the Nav, Tommy Twinn, and at the front is the Pilot P/O D. Cooper.

The other people in this photo COULD be: Sgt HR Foster, F/S GM Morris, Sgt K Draycott and Sgt C Rowley.

MZ 289 - 102 Ceylon Squadron

The above is of the crew, or least three of them. Left to Right, Nav - D. 'Tommy' Twinn, WOp - F/O W.F. Lloyd, and the pilot, F/O D. Cooper
We now have a page for MZ289 and in particular, P/O D. Cooper.

102 Ceylon Squadron

Ken is front row, fourth from the left. As you can see this is a different crew, maybe the same plane but it's impossible to tell.

All these photos may be copied for personal use, but please would you kindly email the webmaster if you are going to do so, just so we know they are of interest to people, thanks.



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