102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Flight Sergeant Joseph Muldoon DFM

Joseph Muldoon  - 102 Ceylon Squadron
Joe Muldoon

Joe Muldoon was one of Tom Sayer's Air Gunners.

We are in contact with one of Joe's Nephews, and we now have over 90.. yes I did say ninety pages of Joe's diary/memoirs.

The only trouble is they are in jgp (photo) format, and I do not have the time to start adding 90 photo's to this page.. and so...

Option 1: If you really, really want these things, I am going to upload them to a folder in the coming weeks and give instructions on how to download them.

HOWEVER.. Option 2. Offer to take five pages at a time off me and try and OCR them for me and add them all to a word document or even just an email. I have tried this and not all of them work, so it may be a case of transcribing them... I'm not holding my breath for volunteers to do this..



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