102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Squadron Leader John Greet Gordon Walkington

W7916 DY-L took off from Pocklington on the 3rd Dec 1942. Misson Frankfurt

This plane contained one of three aircrews to be lost that night stationed with 102 squadron. Sgt Harry Morrissey(W7913 DY-C) and Sgt H.A.E. Charman (W7884 DH-H) being the other two.

They were airborne 01.28 and shot down from 15,000 feet by a Ju88 and crashed at Couvron-et-Aumencourt (Aisne), 12 km NW of laon, France.

S.L John Greet Gordon Walkington - Pilot - Aged 23 - (C.W.G.C.)
W/C J.R.A. Embling (P2) Evd
Sgt John Law - F/E - Aged 28 - (C.W.G.C.)
P/O A.R. Haines RCAF Evd
Sgt R.C.A. Douglas PoW
F/S L.C. Fantini PoW
Sgt H. Johnson PoW
Sgt Laurence Clifford Molloy - AG - (C.W.G.C.)

Sgt R.C.A. Douglas was interned in Camps L1/L6/L4, Pow No.921.

Those killed are buried in Couvron-et-Aumencourt Communal Cemetery.

W/C Embling, who was on detachment from No.77 Sqdn, had joined the crew for operational experience.

W/C J.R.A.Embling escaped to Switzerland and was back in England by the 8th Mar 1943.

F/S L.C.Fantini in Camps L1/L6/L4, PoW No.923
Sgt H.Johnson in Camps L1/L6/357, PoW No.934

Couvron-et-Aumencourt Communal Cemetery

L. to R.: J. Stammers - A. G. Short - J. Law - J. G. G. Walkington - L. C. Molloy - H. A. Harris - T. E. Richardson - J. R. Gurdon - R. Brown - F. D. Clarke - J. M Everill - N. Bruce - R. Hill - I. M P. Morgan - L. Pickford - A. W. A. Trevarthen

Photo courtosy of Pierre Vandervelden

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