102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Sqd Ldr John Everard Hadfield Marshall DFC + Bar

John Marshall's son Paul has been in contact with us, and will be sending us a bunch of stuff in the coming days and weeks.

For now, this is S/L Marshall's regular crew.
We have several ORB's for him.. one of which is the night that the web masters great uncle, Joseph Marsh was KIA with 35 Sqd on the raid to Aachen.

S/L J.E.H. Marshall
P/O A.M. McDonald
Sgt. J. B. Mitchell
F/S A.J. Pickard
P/O D.H. Jones
P/O J. Beel
P/O E.J. Murphy

MUCH more to follow shortly.


Sqd Ldr John Everard Hadfield Marshall

Gus Walker and Henry Coventry both have pages here on the site.

Thanks to Paul for sending us these photo's, we have known about them for months and months, but without the originals we were unable to put them up here.


S/L Marshall's DFC + Bar

It has the caterpillar pinned to the ribbon still. That was for being shot down by a Junker 88 I believe and surviving under canopy.


102 Squadron

S/L Marshall is in the centre of the photo with the gloves on, (behind the ball)
We think most of these chaps are ground crew.. so can you name anyone?


102 Squadron



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