102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Sergeant James Colin Smith

23-24th May 1943 - Halifax II JD112 DY-H Op Dortmund

F/S A McA Sargent - Pilot - POW
Sgt Arnold Campbell - Nav - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt M Galloway - WOp - POW
Sgt C R Webb - F/E - POW
Sgt Hugh Donald Newbery - AG - Aged 20 - (C.W.G.C.)
Sgt James Colin Smith - AG - Aged 21 - (C.W.G.C.)
F/O James Rudolph Bullock - BA - Aged 33 - (C.W.G.C.)

T/o 2258 pocklington. Shot down by nighfighter (Maj Rolf Leuchs II./NJG2) and crashed 0055 in the Oude Gouw polder Het Grootslag at Bovenkarspel (Noord Holland) on the western outskirts of Enkuizen. those who died lie in Bergen General Cemetery.

All had ditched ten nights earlier while returning from Bochum.

Concerning F/S Sargent, the prisioner of war file shows two airmen with this surname, both being held at Kopernikus with consecutive prisioner of war numbers; the second named being a 35 Squadron Pilot.



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