102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Leading Aircraft Man Graham Kembery

Graham Kembery  - 102 Ceylon Squadron
Graham Kembery

From the webmaster: I first contacted Graham around the beginning of September 2011, and since then have had several wonderful telphone conversations with him.

Graham has been able to send us photographs that we don't believe have ever been seen before. At great expense to himself he has helped us to build even more of a picture of life at Pocklington during WWII.

We are forever thankful to this amazing man for his time and effort in helping us make 102 Squadron's web site something to be proud of - Graham, you are a star, a gentleman, and a hero, God bless you!


Graham was a part of 102's Ground crew from 1944-46.

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Graham has sent us a history of his time in the ATC and RAF. We have split it up into two parts, the links are below.

Graham's Main Photo Page - Joining The RAF - 102 Squadron - The R.A.F Form 700


Cook's Tour  - 102 Ceylon Squadron
Cook's Tour





Grahm is back row, third from the right.



This was taken on the day the crew were given what is known as a 'Cook'e Tour', more information on this 'tour' is coming soon.




Cooks tour map  - 102 Ceylon Squadron
Route of the 'Cooks Tour' in 1945

102 Squadron Instrument Section
102 Squadron Instrument Section 1944- 1946





102 Squadron Instrument Section 1944- 1946.

Graham is on the front row far left, one knee on the ground.

Warning: FULL sized pic is massive, just grab the photo to move to the part you want to see.

The names for the rest of the people that Graham can remember are as follows: (These are Graham's actual words).


Starting rear row left hand side : Cpl John Farrellley i/c intruments B Flight ; next Cpl Ron Bignal i/c intsruments A flight ; 5th along L A C ' lofty ' Milne ( he was over 6 foot hence lofty) next L A C Harry Bolsover ; next Cpl Holmes i/c of the Instrument Calibration room in the section. His job calibration of instruments a demanding one needing 100% accuracy, the comment in Pockagen on him seen to enter a Halifax is unfair.
The Mid row 3rd in Cpl Thomas i/c instruments C flight ; front row seated 3rd in Seargent Jack Mosley i/c the instrument Section both the Echelon and Flights. Next to him L A C Fred Knight, Fred was a watch maker before joining up; often to be found repairing a watch for someone.

It was with Fred that I did my first job on an aircaft, February 1944. 102 squadron had Mark 2 Halifax then with Line Rolls engines. The job required a change of auto pilot air comressor . The compressor fitted on the inner engine meant standing on a high platform in the bitter cold to undo the nuts. Taking it in turns to warm ones hands the nuts were removed to make the change.



A 102 Squadron firing party


A 102 Squadron firing party



A 102 Squadron 'firing party' walking down the road to the funeral of one of their own.



This Guard of honour was always made up of ground crew. Graham is second back in the row furthest away from the camera.



Funeral at Pocklington - 102 Ceylon Squadron


The funeral in Pocklington of a Squadron member




The funeral in Pocklington of a Squadron member.


We think this is Pocklington and NOT Barnby Moor because of the gas tower to the left of the photo.

Graham is second in from the left.



Now for a piece of history. ...

RAF Dixieland Band - 102 Ceylon Squadron


RAF Dixieland Band


I have placed two versions of this photo on here because some people might think the names spoil the photo, and to be honest I would agree...

but it is just SO unusual to be able to name people of a photo like this

RAF Dixieland Band, taken on the 1st July 1945.

Band Members are:

Harry Chatterton - Trombone
George Seatt - Drums
Monty Warlock - Piano
Viv Parker - Clarinet
Ernie Watson - Trumpet
Rocky Feldman - Bass


RAF Dixieland Band 1 July 1945


RAF Dixieland Band 1 July 1945














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