102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Alan Gibson's crew with Sandy Powell - 102 Squadron
Sandy Powell - 102 Squadron

Frederick William (Sandy) Powell

Sandy Powell was the WOp on Alan Gibson's crew.

Having just got hold of everything that was sent to Chris Goss when he wrote the squadron book, I now have some wonderful stories told by Sandy. In the coming weeks I hope to get them transcribed and onto here.

F/L Alan Gibson - Pilot - DFC
F/O R.L. (Dickie) Mayes - Nav - DFC
Sgt Frederick William (Sandy) Powell - WOp
Sgt Douglas J Varney - F/E - DFC
Sgt David B. (Tommy) Atkins - B/A
F/S James (Jimmy) Conley - RCAF - MU A/G:
W/O Arthur C. Evans - RAAF - Rear A/G - DFC

Sandy survived the war and went on to be married to his amazing wife Mary for 67 years!!

Mary has sent a little piece she wrote about he beloved husband and his friends.

Alan Gibson's crew with Sandy Powell - 102 Squadron
Jimmy Conley - Doug Varney - Sandy Powell - Dickie Mayes - Alan Gibson - Arthur Evans - Tommy Atkins - 102 Squadron


It was thw worst of times,

it was the best of times,

It was 1943 when he found himself in an exclusive group known as K - Krafty.

All seven of us crew were great friends, Sandy was the wireless operator.

Radio Alliance was strickly observed, but we were all very faithful true friends.

We all completeed our first tour, so proud of our superb Pilot Alan Gibson.

(Sandy then completed a 2nd tour with 460 Squadron)


Here in 2011 all have passed on, all the wives who live on,

All had exceptinally happy marriages,

all of us are so proud of our heroic airmen.

We hope, pray that all will meet again.

Mary Powell.


Alan Gibson's crew with Sandy Powell - 102 Squadron
Jimmy - Sandy ?? - Doug - ?? - ??- Alan - ??? - Dickie - ??? - ??? - Arthur - Tommy - 102 Squadron

Gibson's Crew with Sandy Powell and ground crew

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