102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Pilot Officer Arthur Garlick - DFM

Arthur Dennis Garlick 1081989 (14.12.20 – 4.6.2010)

Enlisted 9.12.40 (WOp) - DFM 29.6.43 - Promoted Sergeant 18.9.42 - (P.O.) Commissioned 26.10.44 A 731738/44

July/42 Training in Dominic X7407 and Proctor DX222
Aug, Sept/42 Training in Botha for gunnery
Oct, Nov, Dec/42 Training in Wellington AA 317
Jan/43 1652 Conversion Unit to Halifax

Feb -May/43 102 Squadron Halifax F/L Harry Ingram ‘A’ Flight

Harry Ingram's regular crew were:

F/L G.F.H. Ingram - Pilot
Sgt S.C. Richards - Nav
Sgt A.D. Garlick - WOp
Sgt K. White - FE
Sgt H.A. Pimm - AG
Sgt J. Moulesong - AG
F/O G.W. Rushbrook - BA

This is Arthur, front row, in the middle.. the others are hard to see, but this may be a photo of Harry Ingram on the back row far right?

June 11/43 Injured in neck and jaw by flak over target (Having completed 140 hours)

Nov/43 Whitley as W/T instructor at 10 O.T.U at Stanton Harcourt
Jan, Feb/ 44 Whitley G Flight @ Abingdon then C Flight
March/44 Whitley transferred to Stanton
April, May/44 Anson (instructor)
June/44 1652 Conversion Unit Halifax II @ Marston Moor
June, July, Aug/44 ‘B’ Flight of 78 Squadron at Breighton with W/O Long and Wing Commander Young
Sept, Oct/44 P/O Long in Halifax III with last op of 2nd Operational Tour on 7.10 44 having completed 25 ops and 109 flying hours .




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