Elvington Air Museum

We drove over from Bury on Saturday afternoon and met Chris, his daughter, Kerenza, Bill and Trish at Elvington Air Museum We didn’t really know what to expect and I admit I was a bit worried about the whole weekend. Not sure if I would be out of my depth and in a bit of a ‘man’s world’!! We shouldn’t have worried though - it was just like meeting long lost friends. All of them were really friendly and put us at our ease and so nice to meet Chris after months of e-mailing and talking on the phone.

We were joined by Paul and David Marshall and Chris then took us into the aircraft hangar to show us the Friday 13th Halifax Bomber. Standing underneath that huge aircraft I felt so proud of my Dad. How could he possibly have flown that plane at the age of only 25!! And all he must have gone through which he never told us. Just so sad that he couldn’t be with us to see it today.

We spent another two hours or so looking round the Museum. It was all amazing.

Reunion Dinner

We were staying overnight at The Feathers Hotel in Pocklington which was lovely. The room and food were excellent and we loved the little market town of Pocklington.

The Reunion Dinner at the Wolds Gliding Club was excellent. Although we were sitting amongst complete strangers I managed to talk so much that my dinner went cold!!! Everyone again was very friendly and interested to hear our stories. And the highlight of the night must have been when Harry Hughes walked in!! We didn’t think he would make it all the way from Cornwall on his own at 91 but there he was!! We recognised him instantly from watching the Bomber Command documentary several times.

We loved hearing the veterans stories and the Pocklington Town Council had organised the whole evening very well. Having never been before we can’t really compare it to years gone by. The food was excellent .

Wreath Laying Ceremony

We decided not to attend the Church Service and Street Re-naming on Sunday but instead wanted to have a good look round Pocklington town centre. I wanted to remember some of the places my Dad had talked about and visited whilst he was stationed there. We were amazed how many pubs there were in such a little town centre!!! We will definitely stay there again.

The Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Squadron Memorial was very moving and I think nearly everyone was in tears. Ron Parsons did a great job of laying the wreath but was obviously very emotional. The playing of the Last Post gets me every time!

All in all we had a great weekend and our heartfelt thanks go to Chris Harper for inviting us. He has done such a brilliant of job of getting everyone together and not letting the Squadron be forgotten.

The web page he has put together on my Dad is fantastic. Not sure what Dad would have made of being made into a web page!!!

I suppose everyone thinks their Dad is a hero – but after this weekend – I think mine really was!!!

Joanne & Steve Hardacre