I arrived in Pocklington on Friday afternoon, and after booking in at my B&B, I went down to the “Feathers” to wet my whistle, and have some dinner, as usual. In past years this has been the routine to meet up with other association members. This year the only person that I saw was Harry Hughes, and that was only his back as he went to his chalet. I stayed for a pint to see if any one else would turn up, but no one did. Feeling rather despondent and that it did not bode well for the weekend; I went for fish and chips and an early night. Please do not think that I am knocking Pocklington`s fish and chip shop in any way, I would recommend it highly as fish and chip shops go.

Saturday morning, I amused myself by going to the car boot sale at York race course. Not quite “Antiques Roadshow”, but very interesting all the same. I managed to buy myself a Roman coin for £2. Whether it was a bargain or not, I am happy with it. And then back to Pocklington for the 102 Squadron Association meeting, where things really picked up, and the “spirit “of the squadron could be felt. It may be to some extent a spirit in a slightly different form, but one that members of 102 Squadron would have appreciated and welcomed, I think.
One might hear them say “at least their heart’s are in the right place”.The meeting was held in Pocklington Town’s entertainment centre, for which we owe our thanks to the Town Council. At the meeting, after acting as temporary chairman, Tom Sayer was elected as 102 Squadron Association Committee Chairman, with his first task to over see the election of Tom Wingham as life President. The rest of the committee were then elected, and other business dealt with, the details of which I will leave to some one else. What I will say, is that coming out from the meeting I was very much buoyed up and have confidence for the continuation of our association.

Saturday evening at the Wolds Gliding club, was as usual, a very pleasant one, the food could not be faulted, nor could their bar. Meeting with all the remainder of the members was, and always is, more akin to a family reunion, and that is without mentioning all the local Pocklington councilors and local friends.

Harry Hughes stood up very well to having his leg pulled about his contribution to the television programme, “A Tribute To Bomber Command”. Although every one present viewed the programme and its content in a rightly serious manner, it was a complement to “service humour” that the good humoured banter was freely given to Harry.

Sunday morning saw every one off to church. I must admit, that I am not a church person, but I would not miss Barnaby Moor church service for the world. How much the local community feels for the crews was once again shown, when the association was invited to attend the official naming of two streets in Barnaby Moor, they being named after two aircrew, which lay in the church grave yard.

The wreath laying ceremony at the gliding club, was as usual the quickest part of the reunion, but never the less the most poignant and most important.

I do not know if it was just me, but it seemed that it took members a very long time to disperse from the gliding club this year. I know that I stayed longer than I usually do, perhaps it was down to this renewed spirit that I mentioned earlier.