102 (Ceylon) Squadron

Tentate et perficite (Attempt and Achieve)

Warrent Officer William Wood DFC RCAF

We have been spending time on the phone with William Bryan, W/O Wood's Flight Engineer, and right now Sgt Bryan is writing down what he can remember about his time with the Squadron.

We can tell you that Sgt Byran was the Flight Engineer with a crew piloted by William (Bill) Wood. Below you can see a full list of the usual crew.

W/O William Wood - Pilot - RCAF - DFC
Sgt M. Edward (Ted) Bowles - Nav
W/O A. Laurence Charman - WOp
F/S Vernon Victor Russell Leeder - A/G - RAAF (Vernon was KIA on the 4th Oct 1944, See his page for more info)
Sgt G.J. (Billy) Williams - A/g
Sgt A.B. (Geoff) White - B/A
Sgt William .A. Bryan - F/E

William Bryan believes his frist trip with 102 squadron was in Jan 1944, his last trip was on the 27th May 1944.

He has told us though that he remembers a story of W/O Wood having flown with Costal Command at one point and having been shot down by a U- Boat some where neat the Bay of Biscay.



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