Hi Chris,


This was my first time at the reunion and I wasn't disappointed. My day started with attending the AGM and found a welcome cuppa and biscuit waiting on arrival. The meeting was relaxed and afterwards members were chatting to each other.

The evening at the Gliding Club was for me quite spectacular. I had no idea what to expect but wow, the table layout and settings were wonderful.
Around the room were boards of 102 archive pictures from many sources and were of great interest to everyone. After the opening speeches the meal was served as a buffet. This was in the form of a wonderful hot meal, a choice of roast beef or pork or both if you wanted plus all the trimmings. Everything, from the wonderful lean tender roast beef, for me, huge Yorkshire puds and vegetables, was beautifully cooked. The dessert for me was a yummy large portion of fruit pavlova.
During the meal photos from the website were being displayed on the big screen in the room and one of my highlights was to see my father looking out from the screen at the proceedings, I'm sure he would have been thrilled.

After the meal the BBC production of Bomber Command was shown. I had seen this before but to see it again with Harry Hughes sitting opposite me, well what can you say, quite momentous.


I attended the church service at Barmby Moor and then onto the street dedication which was quite moving. The only disappointment here for me was that there were no family members of the two airmen attending, which seemed really sad.

It was lovely to see that the residents of the "Ways" had planted flowers etc around the street signs, these residents also provided their own garden chairs for the Veterans to sit on whilst the dedication took place. Community spirit - well done.

On now to the Gliding Club for the wreath laying, very, very moving sums it up.

The Gliding Club after the ceremony provided tea/coffee and biscuits, and a time now for further chat and for me getting to know more from the Vets tand relatives and to tell them I hoped I would see them again at the reunion next year.

The whole weekend for me allowed an understanding of my father, because his health was damaged by the war and he died at an early age, 52 years, for a young girl he appeared sullen and withdrawn at times, hard to get to know. To be where he was as a young healthy man and in the company of other airmen of the time brought a closeness I haven't had before. I laid my own flower for him later after the official wreath laying.

The thing that stands out for me about the day, other than the Veterans which goes without saying, is the strong support of the town of Pocklington but more so the Gliding Club. A big thank you to all the organisers of this event. God bless you all.

Josie Wynn daughter of WO Laurence Neill